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Grant Program | Glazer Family Foundation

The Glazer Family Foundation reaches at risk children
and families in the Central Florida region through
the grant program. Grants are awarded to
nonprofits to fund programs serving disadvantaged
children and their families. This grant program highlights
the needs of the community and allows the Foundation
to partner with organizations that focus on the welfare of
underserved youth and families.

Beginning in 2000 the Glazer Family Foundation has
awarded over $500,000 to nonprofits that create places
for children and families to grow and thrive. Grants are
awarded on an individual basis by the Foundation and
currently there is not an application process. The
Foundation will contact non-profit organizations directly
if we would like to support your cause.


  • Dec. 6. 2011

    The Foundation’s long-running grant program looks for organizations that focus on the health, safety, recreation and education of disadvantaged children.

  • Nov. 3. 2011

    Twice a year the Glazer Family Foundation gives grants to deserving nonprofits to help aid with their missions. Check out this follow-up story on how the charities are using the funds to benefit the community.

  • Aug. 11. 2011

    The Glazer Family Foundation is showing their concern for children and families. Learn about how the foundation is extending a helping hand through the annual backpack giveaway and the grants program.